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Independent author Dora Owusu creates stories about African culture and history. I’m Wrapped In Pride With My Kente celebrates the meaning and significance of Kente cloth to the Asante people of Ghana. The Majestic African Hair Show is a fun engaging story that teaches young readers how many African civilizations used hairstyles as a form of communication. Engaging and educational books await!



On Kwadjo’s birthday, his Dad gives him Kente as a gift and shows him how to wear it. Next, Kwadjo wears his Kente to the first Mmofra Kente Festival, where his Auntie Abena has him teach the children about the cloth’s history. Then, she gives him an item that holds the key to how Kente was discovered. Find out what it is and learn the beautiful story behind Kente. This tale celebrates the meaning and significance of Kente to the Asante people.

The Majestic African Hair Show is a story about Princess Nana Afia and her friends. They prepare for an upcoming show at school where they will show off traditional African hairstyles and teach the guest attending the names, meanings, and history behind each one. Afia loves her African heritage and wants others to understand why Black hairstyles are historically important and to be celebrated. This fun engaging story teaches young readers how many African civilizations used hairstyles as a form of communication. Hairstyles could indicate a person's family background, tribe and status in the community. Throughout this book you will find out where in Africa many of the hairstyles we wear today come from.

Reader Reviews!

“BondedByCulture has been an invaluable resource for me to learn about African traditions and history. The books are well-curated and insightful, and I have gained a deeper understanding of the continent's rich cultural heritage.”

— Sarah Johnson

"Well written, great story! Kids learn about all the beautiful hairstyles they wear. The book definitely gives young Black girls a sense of pride!"

“The Majestic African Hair Show” is a picture book I highly recommend you add to your diverse children’s book collection. The author, Dora Owusu has created this masterpiece that tells the unique story of each hairstyle and its meaning. Dora who is originally from Ghana wants children of African descent to feel prideful about their hair and to embrace the many versatile hair styles that their hair can be worn. I feel that she has done just that with this children’s book, “The Majestic African Hair Show.” My daughter wanted to read this story again and again and so we did! The bright vivid illustrations certainly bring this story to life with the beautiful African prints worn by the characters. I cannot wait to read more from this incredible children’s book author!"

"I purchased the book for my nieces and nephews who read a book each night before bed. They enjoy the illustrations and learning the names of the hairstyles. Teaching our culture and heritage has become accessible for the children because they can see it in literature and not just through exposure. We are blessed to have such a beautifully written piece of worth and was worth every penny. Although, not all of them can read they are able to comprehend the language and understand what is being read to them. I look forward to grabbing a couple more copies for all the other children in my life."
-Josephine Boateng

"This was a great African tale, my son and I enjoyed reading it together. We both learned so much about Kente. We loved all the details in the back of the book that explains the meaning of the Kente colors. The story was well written and the illustrations were beautiful! Bravo to the author."

"I loved every bit this book! Page by page it has taught me so much about the Kente cloth from the Ashanti people. Children and adults alike can enjoy this story. I definitely recommend getting a copy for yourself or your loved one. A good read indeed!"

"I love the book! It's so well written & illustrated! And informative in a fun way, I learned more about the African culture. So beautiful! Thank you, Dora!"